Handling Squadron Business Processes

Handling Squadron Business Processes, published as Part 2 of the Handling Squadron Order Book, detail exactly how all Handling Squadron activities are carried out and are an integral part of the Handling Squadron Safety Case and Safety Management system.

The Business Processes detail how the Squadron reacts to various inputs, such as Fs 765X, RTS changes or modifications, and how the Squadron produces its various outputs, such as Amendment Lists (ALs), Advance Information Leaflets (AILs) or Advance Notice of amendments (ANAs).

All the Processes are subject to monthly internal audits and biennial external audit and are updated every six months on the basis of audit findings or regulatory changes.

The Processes reflect and amplify the requirements of JSP 543, MAP-01 and RA 1300/1310/1330/1335/5313 and provide both a rigorous Quality Assurance system and a robust airworthiness audit trail for every Handling Squadron output.