AAP 00-001

Defence Aircrew Documentation Specifications (DADS)

Executive Summary

Aircrew Publications are the official user publications that provide Service aircrew with information on the technical details, operating instructions, performance data and handling characteristics of aircraft and also include the recommended operational and emergency procedures. A set of Aircrew Publications is issued for each type of aircraft and, as required, for variants and is promulgated by the Publication Organization on behalf of the MOD Project Team Leader (PTL). The requirements on contractors for the provision of Aircrew Publications are laid down in MAA Regulatory Articles (RAs) 5401, 5403 and 5406.

Handling Squadron (HS) is normally the Publication Organization responsible for preparation and editing of Aircrew Publications. HS also acts as the approving agency for Aircrew Publications produced and maintained by a contractor (ie the contractor is the Publication Organization).

Scope of Publication

This publication details the general requirements for the production of Aircrew Publications. It covers the content to be included and the format and writing style to be employed for all Aircrew Publications. There are several different Topics within the Aircrew Publications set. This specification details the requirements for all publications.

Amendment History

Jan 2014
Initial Edition published as a direct replacement of JSP543 Chapter 3

Feb 2014
AL1 to the Initial Edition added a section regarding Notes to Users. See Part 1 Chapter 2 (General Requirements), Para 18.

Jul 2014
AL2 to the Initial Edition has changes to Notes to Users information.

Feb 2015
AL3 to the Initial Edition has changes to processing ANAs.

Aug 2015
AL4 to the Initial Edition has changes to the Form 765X information.

Dec 2015
AL5 to the Initial Edition has changes to the FTS and AAR information.

Aug 2016
AL6 to the Initial Edition has minor editorial changes.

Nov 2017
AL7 to the Initial Edition has changes to the FRC templates to add tolerances for hole drilling and tab cutting.

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